Commission Status: CLOSED

Simple Drawing, Colored, Minimal B/G: $75 USD

  • Single character only, 3/4ths or full-body
  • Basic colors/rendering
  • Minimal background (i.e. solid shape or color)
  • Additional Character: $25/ea.

Fully Rendered Drawing, /w B/G: $200 USD

  • Single character only, full-body
  • Advanced colors/rendering
  • Background
  • Additional Character: $50/ea

Commission Rules

My commissions are priced based on time and effort, also the fact art is *not* my day-job and that my personal life often demands my attention more than I can devote to my personal hobbies. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome, which limits the time I can spend drawing these days.

With that in mind, please allow up to 2 weeks for completion. If in the event it cannot be completed in a timely manner, a prompt refund will be issued and no excuses given.

  • I reserve the right to decline a commission offer for any reason.
  • If you are commissioning something with someone else’s OC, I require written consent from the other person.
  • At this time, I will not do NSFW/Adult Commissions
  • I will not draw furries/anthro art. Hrothgar characters (a race from FF14) are the sole exception.
  • For all Original Characters (including FashionFrames, Operators, and WoLs), visual references must be provided. I will not work off of text descriptions.
  • I will not do anything political related or adjacent, full stop.