Greetings to anyone reading this! This is the first of (hopefully) a series of blog entries that will go over the last 20 years of me posting art online, give or take what material I can find from the earliest years.

As a disclaimer, I’ve deleted or thrown away a lot of older art, particularly the traditional/analog media content. While this was a rather boneheaded choice on my part, I don’t actually regret it because these days, space is limited and what little extra space I have is more for my doll projects, what few action figures I have left, or mechanical keyboard parts (the latter of which I’ve largely left the hobby).

This is more or less a way to look back and laugh, cry, and cringe at how bad things looked back then. And maybe recollect on old, equally cringey fandom memories that admittedly I have a piss poor time remembering the fine details of so no getting too deep in the weeds on that one.

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